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Image of Bunratty Castle Sheela Na Gig

Sheela Na Gigs are ancient stone carvings of female figures characterized by their dramatic defiance of Western notions of femininity. Identified by hagiocentric features and gestures emphasizing the pudendum, Sheela Na Gigs are considered religious icons and are most often found on medieval church property. However, the truth of their origin and purpose falls within the limits of the gynecentric unknown, the mystery of which is explored by this website in Herstory.

There are recordings of over a hundred Sheela Na Gigs in Ireland and close to forty in Britain. This website provides maps of these locations. Also, there are exclusive photographs of six Sheelas (in situ) from personal travels that show the distinct nature of these stone carvings. Resources for futher reference are listed on the Resources page.

Image of Colchester Castle Sheela Na Gig
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